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Algebra for Adults

As the name suggests, this is a course for the grown-ups; mums, dads, grandparents, basically anyone who has left school but would like to revisit this area of Mathematics.

Why learn algebra as an adult?

Algebra tends to be the stumbling block for many Mathematics students. The concept of moving from numerals to pronumerals (letters representing numerals) can be quite difficult to grasp and can then hinder further learning in Mathematics.

As an adult, learning or re-learning algebra could have the following benefits:

  • Enabling you to assist your children or grandchildren with their homework.
  • Renewing your interest in Mathematics and learning in general.
  • Providing you with a mental challenge.

We all know the benefits of maintaining both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Many of us spend an adequate amount of time at the gym, yoga studio, etc, exercising the body but outside of work or in retirement, how much time do we dedicate to exercising our minds?

Algebra courses Sydney

Our Algebra for Adults courses will cover the basics of algebra, from the introductory point of the stage 4 syllabus (high school years 7 & 8 equivalent) through to the more advanced level of stage 5 (high school years 9 & 10 equivalent).

The course would run over 20 weeks with a one hour session each week and yes, there may be homework.

For more information about our Algebra for Adults course, contact us direct on 0424 441 347 or send an email. Our training studio is conveniently located at Birchgrove in the Inner West.

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