Our team of Sydney primary (years K-6) and high school (years 7-12) tutors are dedicated teachers who have taught across a wide range of educational environments and are experienced in delivering the skills necessary for your child to excel in the areas of Mathematics and English.

Private Tutoring for Primary & High School Students

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Our small team of professional tutors are qualified, dedicated tutors experienced in providing not only the highest standard of teaching in the areas of Numeracy (Maths) and Literacy (English) for infants (years K – 2), primary (years 3 – 6) and high school (years 7 – 12) but also the engagement and motivation needed to maximize your child’s learning. All our staff are also experienced academic and pastoral mentors, enabling them to advise and support in many areas such as organisation, structuring revision schedules, creating a suitable working environment, subject selection and more.

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Study Tips for Infants, Primary & High School Students

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High School Study Tips : The Importance of Feedback

Feedback from teacher to student is an essential factor in effective learning. In fact, it is regarded as the single most important teaching practice to ensure optimum achievement by a student. Quite obviously students need to know if they are right or wrong in their responses but feedback is far more than ticks and crosses. […]

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High School Study Tips : The Study Environment

Our team of Sydney tutors have taught across a wide range of educational environments and are experienced in delivering the skills necessary to help High School students to adequately prepare and, hopefully, excel in their exams. As part of our series of high school study tips, below we have listed five ways you can create […]

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7 Essential High School Study Tips

As part of our ongoing series of high school study tips, this article outlines our seven essential tips for exam preparation success.  From creating a study plan, how to analyse mistakes and seek feedback, these tips put together by our highly experienced tutors aim to give students the skills required to minimise stress and aim […]

Our tutoring rooms are conveniently located at St John the Evangelist Church, 125 Birchgrove Road, Birchgrove in Sydney’s Inner West